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Thread: Biodiesel Equipment for Sale

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    Biodiesel Equipment for Sale

    Anyone interested in all of the equipment neccessary to make 900 gallons of biodiesel per day using Waste Vegetable Oil. HERE IT IS....This system is Turn Key. Once delivered and installed at your location you can be in production.

    It Includes the following 1-500 Gallon Steel tank with burner to heat your oil(burner will run on diesel or bio), 25 Gal Methoxide Mixing tank with pump, 3 125 gallon production tanks with pumps, 500 gallon holding tank with pump, 2- 5 foot tall ion dry wash cylinders, 2-1,000 gallon finish tanks with an air operated pump to send to totes or your vehicles tank. Includes all the lines and hosing to assemble.

    Please call or email with any questions. Bill 951-232-1589
    $20,000 obo. We can discuss delivery based on location. The equipment inside the container cost us $20,000 by itself, not including the air operated pump($800), Extra Production Pump ($600) All the hoses, connections, Valves, Tanks...This is a deal. It must move quick.

    Green Tank is the Heated Tank where your Waste oil goes to get heated. Tank next to it is the 500 Gal Holding tank after production before filtration.

    This is the heater on the back of the tank. The extra pipe is the coil that goes through the tank. It will heat 500 gal, in about 20 minutes

    These are the 2 1,000 gallon finish tanks with valves to control which tank you want to fill.

    This shows the methoxide mixing tank and the first production tank with controls

    This shows the 2 ion dry wash towers and all 3 production tanks.

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    You have any cone bottom tanks for sale? I prefer 60gals or smaller.

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    We don't sell equipment at all...we are just selling the entire system...

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    New Lower Price

    We have to get this gone...$12,000 obo....

    Bill - 951-232-1589

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