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Thread: Intake Kits

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    Cool Intake Kits

    Has anyone ever used an S&B Intake Kit? They specialize in diesels and look pretty cool. Let me know your thoughts.

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    I have not seen one. Is there any info on them?
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    did you see that kit in diesel power magazine? the one with the polished tube? if not there's a cool kit in that magazine.
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    I've been running the S&B system since October of '04, and I am very happy with it.

    It replaced a K&N FIPK system and works a lot better. Driving up the 73 toll road I saw a decrease of 150 degrees in egt at 75mph gping uphill compared to the K&N. Needless to say, I was very surprised by the difference.

    Additionally, the S&B appears to have the best filter element on the market. It's an eight layer element. It filters better and flows more air than the AFE regular or Pro-Gurad 7 filter elements. I guess they built this filter to better the AFE system.

    My next door neighbor works for S&B. That's how I ended up with my filter system and that's where I got the info from. Actually, he showed me the air flow info and filter efficiency info comparing a bunch of different filters (Not the PR info, but the actual test results).

    I've been running this filter system longer than most anyone (mine is a pre-production model), and I am happy to answer any questions about the filter. However, I am not a filter expert! So if you have technical questions, I will have to go next door and ask.

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    Talking S&B website

    S&B has a awesome new website...

    They just launched it recently. They is also an opportunity to build your own filter if they dont make one already. Looks pretty darn good to me... If anyone has more info let me know. If not I think I am going to get one for my truck.

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