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Thread: O.C. Cleveland Forest

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    O.C. Cleveland Forest

    Since I grew up in O.C. foothills, on Sunday (10/17) I decided to take the family out to Silverado Canyon. The 4x4 Gods were on our side when to our surprise they had the Cleveland National Forest gates open. Good thing I keep that National Park Pass up-to-date.

    We went up to the micro wave and radio repeater towers, about a 15 mile dirt run. Hung out for a few minutes. Weather was raining, windy, and about 20 ft. of visibility, so we cut our stop short. We were going to take the ridge route to Ortega but ended up going down the same way because it started to down pour and I know the route to Ortega is much less traveled. Anyways it was the first time I really had to use that 4x4. Muddy road, running water down the road etc...(No snow this time, but I have been up there when the snow started coming down, quite a thing considering its Orange County)

    We ended up taking the ridge route a couple of miles south of Silverado Canyon on the way down and to our luck it cleared up enough that you could see all the way to San Jancinto. You can't beat the view from the top of the hills. However that stretch of the road in a couple of places was a 4x4 must.

    All in all it was a great time. First time my wife and my daughter had ever been up there.

    There was a couple of young guys 4x4ing up the road who did'nt quite understand its not the Baja 1000. We almost got nailed coming down, by about 2", yes 2". Fortunately for us I know how to drive that road. The guys coming up I think got the scare of there life, as the opposite side of there truck was a 800' drop off, and they were on the outside section of road. There backseat passanger flew into the front seat over the passenger seat, (no seat belts, Idiot)Hopefully a lesson well learned.

    Anyways, since the rains have started the forest road should stay pretty much open.(However that can change overnight if the weather turns to heat again) I would like to get a group of people together and do the ridge route. Possibly from Corona to Blue Jay campgrounds at Ortega, for pot luck Lunch. If time permits then across Ortega to the Cleveland OHV area. Or Silverado on up etc...

    For those of you that have not been up there its an eye openener. Pine Forests, waterfalls, etc... A lot of history too, if you know were too look. The old silver mines and old swimming dams. Back in the early 1900's the local miners put stone dams up Silverado Canyon with Steel doors. In the spring they use to drop steel plates in the dams and make swimming and fishing ponds all up Silverado. The practice stopped in the mid 60's, but I can still remember going up there as a kid and swimming in them.

    Anyways for those that have never been back there its a kick. It's a 4x4 must if the roads are muddy and wet, and for the most part until the forest dept. gets up there and services them, which I doubt is going to happen anytime soon as there budget is really cut.

    Let me know what you all think. We will probably end up going up there next Sunday if the weather is good. I want to see how all the roads are doing.

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    Re: O.C. Cleveland Forest

    I might have my "larger-tired" superduty done by then.


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    Re: O.C. Cleveland Forest

    Sounds like a nice area. I might have to check it out on the dirt bike sometime.
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    Re: O.C. Cleveland Forest

    I used to go up there a lot about 20 years ago. I remember the waterfalls and streams. A buddy and I went up there on a nice day when it was 70 degrees at the bottom. When we got to the top where the radio towers were it started to snow, and our truck didn't have a heater. BBRRRRRR!

    Somewhere up there my friends truck died on him (I wasn't there that day). The truck was such a piece of junk the towing bill would have been more than the truck's value. It now lays at the bottom of a ravine. Apparently it was blocking the road and someone just gave it a little push over the edge.

    Great place to go though. I used to take girls up there and show 'em a little bit o' nature.


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