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Thread: Need help on 03' front suspension issue

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    Need help on 03' front suspension issue

    front2b.jpgPosted this on some other forums but have not gotten a reply so I figured I try you local Socal guys.

    I had to replace my second steering box on my 03' 7.3 4x4 diesel last weekend. (Sheered of the spline that goes into the pinion arm - second time) As I am expecting everything I discovered that the front bolt on the drivers side that mounts the track bar to the frame was sheered off. (see the pics for better explanation) To bolt the track bar to the frame, the bolts go through the track bar mounting plate and then into the bottom of the frame and then they are screwed into two nuts inside of the frame. The nuts are attached to a metal strip that is maneuvered over the holes inside of frame vie a finger tab that is accessible through the side of the frame. Basically as you secure the track bar you move the tab around so the nuts are positioned so the bolts can be screwed into them.

    The problem: The bolt that sheered off is still attached inside of the frame. I can wiggle the mount around but I cannot pull it through the frame because the bolt that sheered is too long inside of the frame. (There is a heavy metal mounting bracket inside of the frame that supports the three long bolts that secure the steering box to the inner frame and the bolt cannot clear this) I am thinking my option is too move the support over to the side and stick a new nut support into the frame. 2) cut a whole in the side of the frame and pull the unit out, reinstall and then weld the hole up, 3) weld the track bar to the frame. (last ditch)

    Question: Anybody have access to a parts manual and can you look up the part number for this nut bracket. I don't have the time on hand right now to go to South O.C. where my corporate Ford acct, is to look up this part, and the local ford dealership where I now live is useles

    Also if this part is no longer available any suggestions on how to get one.


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