Pulled our horse trailer loaded with some furniture to Sun Valley Idaho for our grandson and his new job there. Unloaded the furniture in the morning (Sunday) and headed home. In Nevada, in the middle of nowhere, smelled diesel fuel and pulled off the road. Popped the hood , jumped out with engine at idle, opened hood to see diesel fuel squirting out of Low Pressure Fuel Switch right next to the engine mounted fuel filter. It looked as if it was shooting right out of the wiring harness. Ran back and shut engine off. Told my wife we needed a tow and went to call AAA, "Premier RV "---- no Verizon cell service at all. We were 60 miles from Ely Nv. ------ A good Samaritan stopped, had a cell on another network that worked. I spent 45 minutes talking to a AAA lady. I needed a rig that would hold a crew cab dually. She says what's that, and so on. After 45 minutes she said she had a tow coming out of Ely, would be 1 1/2 hours. Someone would call me if there was a problem, I said again for the 8th time we have no Verizon cell service, I'm on a passerby's phone, you cant call me. ------- Waited 3 hours, no truck. Another nice lady pulling horses stopped about then with a phone on a working network. Called AAA had another 1/2 hour conversation. The Ely tow had cancelled out I was told. If I had not called again we would have been there all night. -------- Now this time they called a tow in Utah. He got to us just at dark. I had to help him get the truck on his huge rig and fortunately he was equipped to tow my bumper pull horse trailer also. ------ We both got in the rig with him and spent several hours in the dark going 150 miles to the Ford Dealer in Elko Nevada. Dropped it all off at the dealer about 11 Sunday night. Taped a note to the window and the driver then dropped us and luggage off at motel across the street, 175 per night. ------- Was at Ford 6:45 Monday morning with the keys. ------ Cant say enough about how good the dealer/service manager was. Hands on diesel guy. They ordered a Low Pressure Fuel Switch Replacement Kit. The overall design and wiring is very different than my old one on my 2011. --------- Got the keys at the end of the day Wednesday. 4 nights in a motel. ------- 11 hour drive home to Big Bear. ----- Love my 6.7 but it let me down big in a bad place. But I'm glad it didn't burn down and Wednesday we are headed towing to Texas and certainly would not have wanted it to happen then. ------ I wonder if this happened often in early builds???? Should Ford have recalled this fire danger since they obviously redesigned the unit into a replacement kit??????