I been a member on SoCaps for quite some time and I can't begin to thank everybody for making this site awesome!! Any time ive ever had any issues with my 6.0 this is my first stop!!

I could use your recommendations for a new turbo and programmer? I have a 2005 F-350 Harley Edition 6.0 with 115,000 miles on it. I bought it with 36,000 on it in 2007. Its my weekend truck and doesnt get driven all that often (i know I know....these trucks don't like to sit). I went through a full 'Bullet Proofing' through MDS Diesel here in San Diego at about 95,000 miles. I bought the truck with the Banks 6-gun (PDA) and upgraded it to the Banks IQ and also installed the Banks Speed Brake 6-7 years ago. I tow a ski boat a couple times a year and do some construction on the side filling the truck bed heavy at times. I've taken the stock turbo off (around 90,000 miles) and cleaned it to get a little more life out of it but its sticking again and want to get a new one on now. Also, I'd like to close the EGR and keep the hot gas out of my motor. I don't think I can get my Banks tuner to be programmed to shut the EGR valve can I? I've read really good things about the SCT tuners and can get it to accomplish the shutting down of the EGR.

What do you guys recommend? SCT and Garrett turbo? Is it worth getting rid of the Banks tuner I currently have? I havent read too good of reviews on here about Banks tuning. Also, I'm a decent do-it-yourselfer but far from a great mechanic...are both these upgrades doable? Is the Garrett replacement turbo an easy direct replacement? Where is the best place to buy both?

THANK YOU for any and all recommendations or comments you all may have.


San Diego, CA