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Thread: It all started with a no start on my 6.0

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    It all started with a no start on my 6.0

    So I had it towed to a Ford dealership that I do business with and after a few days they came back with a laundary list of items that need replacing. #3 and#7 injectors (recommending replacing the whole bank), 2 batteries,fuel injector module,ICP,fuel pump,and fuel pressure regulator ($5100). I decided to have it towed home so I could start doing the work at a price I could afford. I started with two Interstate bateries from Costco. After the install I tried to start it up and to my surprise it fired right up and seem to run fine. Not wanting to take any chances I drove it to Domestc Diesel and explained the situation to John and showed him the Ford printout. Well long story short; other then a fan clutch nothing else was wrong. I just came back from a 2000 mile trip and it ran fine with Lance camper attached. Called Ford and they want me to bring the truck back in to recheck it which I declined to do. Now John could have said he agrees with Ford and I probably would have had him do the work but he took the high road.
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    John and crew are awesome! Glad you went to them. Honest bunch over there.
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    What Matt posted above!!

    I drive from Glendale to Chino because I trust John and his crew at Domestic Diesel!!
    John has been a long time supporter of SCAPS and takes good care of the members.

    To the original poster, gnrand, thank you for posting. Dealerships scare me unless you have someone there you can trust.
    On the negative side:
    I'd like to know what dealership tried to hose you?? I'm sure other members would also like to know.
    Everyone tries to be so politically correct and polite...hey, if a dealership is so bad, name them!!

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    I've sung the same song as Matt and Samuel for a long time. Domestic has done some pretty extensive surgery on my 6.0 - head gaskets, bulletproof egr and oil cooler, upgraded fan clutch . . heck i even drive from Whittier to Chino to get my Deka batteries from John. He never tries to talk you into a repair, he gives you your options and is very honest. We talked on the phone for about a half hour on the pros and cons of doing a full bulletproof on my truck. In the end I went for it, and I have no regrets. Truck runs like a beast now, and hauls our Jayco like it's not even there. We're very lucky here in SoCal to have shops like Domestic and Diesel Tech. Easily two of the best shops in the country.

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    Just a footnote, I have an 2015 Explorer Sport that had the rack and pinon go out and after it was replaced by the local Ford. A couple of weeks later I decided to change the oil. I noticed that the support under the rack and pinion was not tightened down. One of the 4 bolts was missing and the other three were about come out. I know should have raised hell but I am so discussed I just replaced the bolt and tightened the rest.
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    Man a hate hearing stories like that. Its not just dealerships its bad mechanic I have had issue with other Diesel repair shops, that's why I do all most all my repairs myself.

    Way to go John at Domestic Diesel!

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