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Thread: head gasket blown 7.3

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    Exclamation head gasket blown 7.3

    02 ,excursion limited 4x4 7.3 250k (edge EVO tuner 19mpg)

    so it turns out to be the head gasket leaking after i replaced the water pump. my heart is broken i kinda feel like ive been cheated on or something like that i still owe 9000 on it. now I have to decide to either just get the gasket fixed get a reman from ford or get this one rebuilt. my questions are:
    has anyone else had this problem?
    is it significantly cheaper to just get the head gasket replaced and would that be worth the risk?
    how much do people normaly spend on getting this fixed and with what luck?
    What would be better a rebuild or a reman?
    if i go with a rebuild what block mods are reasonaly affordable?
    how much does an engine swap or rebuild normaly cost?

    I have to add that my other 7.3 runs great after 320k

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    Dont see to many 7.3 head gasket failures. Is it leaking externaly buildimg excessive pressure? 7.3 is pretty stout if it were mine I would pull the engine replace head gaskets and reseal the engine send injectors out to be tested reassemble with arp studs and prob see another 200k out o it.

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    I agree!!

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