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Thread: Under hood noise

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    Under hood noise

    Wow never any new posts for 2011+ Powerstroke. Well I think I have a problem. When my truck is idling - a very loud humming/buzzing noise (for lack of a better description) is generated from under the hood. I can't pinpoint its origin. It is very disturbing and wondering if any other 2011 owners have a similar problem? I plan to bring it in I just haven't had the time yet this Christmas season.
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    I have heard the noise before after a cold start, I shut off the engine and restarted twice and it went away. This has occured two other times, but it always went away. You might also want to check out "The Diesel Stop" 2011 forum to see if anyone has had this issue, there are alot more users on that site.Keep us posted on what they find out.
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    Mine does it also. Mine goes away after it warms up. Look under the carrage and it should be coming from the cat / regen chamber. The truck likes to sing to you.

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    My father has the same buzz/humming noise after he turns off the engine... it lasts a few min then goes away? we are curious wtf is going on, the truck just started doing this a few weeks ago but it has 15k on the odometer already
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    Mine has done it since day one, was told by a Ford tech that it is normal, just like the occasional beep.
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    Probably DEF pump returning unused fluid to the tank.

    Reducant Pump
    The reductant pump supplies urea to the dosing module. One unique function of the pump is that when the ignition is turned off, the pump pulls all of the reductant out of the lines. This prevents damage to the lines if the reductant were to freeze.

    The DEF tank has heater that will thaw out the DEF if it happens to freeze. If it remains in the lines and freezes, you have a much longer term problem. Truck is designed to operate for short periods when DEF is frozen and waiting for in tank heater to thaw DEF. But their are no heaters built in to thaw the supply lines from tank.

    Obviously not a concern for us here in Southern California, but a feature built into the system.

    Also, excess fuel is also routed back to the fuel tank, through the fuel cooler and thermal recirculation valve. So the noise could also be coming from this equipment.

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