I found this write up on an other site (DieselStop.com) and was impressed with how well it was written and the information it contains.

Hello All,
I wanted to give some first hand insite of how a dealer really works from a tech standpoint. I was a Ford Tech for 10 Years. The first thing you need to know is that Ford Motor Company does not Own dealerships. They are all franchise. They may help build a new dealer by giving loans but they still do not own them. That means Ford Motor Company has very little influence on how the dealership treats there customers. There are also no strick fiscal rules to abide by. That means dealer A could charge cost plus 500% for a part and dealer B could charge cost plus 10% etc.. This goes for all aspects of the Dealership New car sales, parts, service..Also Don't waste you time with the " I'll be calling Ford to complain" All that really does is generate an Irratating call to the service manager from a call center in india asking why is this customer upset. Ford has no power to fire or repremand the dealer employees. So If the Dealer your having problems with is the only one around try being cooperative instead of an butt. If there is another dealer close by go there. Becareful though we can tell by OASIS reports if you've been bouncing around to all the dealers. This usually signals to us that your a NUT JOB or just a PITA, and we will somtimes contact the previous dealer to verify.

When It come to tech pay there are may diffrent compensation plans. The most common is Flat Rate. I get Paid what the labor time says nomatter if the job takes half or double the time. Road tests are usually not paid time so if the concern does not happen within the first 5 miles you get the "No Problem found" or the Come in for a testdrive with my service manager.

You may go to a dealer that won't fix a thing until it's verified. This is could be for many reasons.First, it is just good practice to verify the concern. How can I know it's fixed if I didn't duplicate it in the first place? This also protects the dealer during a arbitration hearing for lemon law cases. The dealer may have high warranty numbers and getting ready to be audited. Everydealership is differnt on how they handle High warranty numbers. Dealers have to balance customer satifaction(giving them everything) and keeping warranty numbers in check. For example: If you have a blown up engine under warranty the dealer you go to may say please return to the selling dealer. Thast because your close enough to your selling dealer and they don't want that on their warranty numbers. Some dealers go on a prior approval method were every concern must be verified and signed off by the service manager or they wont pay the techs. Thats a pain for you the customer and Me. But again it's at the dealer descretion, not Ford motor company. Most of the time I'll try and judge the customer by talking to them. If you look like your going to be a pain. I won't fix a thing until I verify the concern even if it's a TSB or ssm. Normal customers will understand that sometimes I couldn't duplicate the concern but I performed this TSB or SSM because It sounds like what you described. It may or may not takecare of the issue because I was not able to verify the concern or repair. I know the Normal customer will understand this and not go barking up the management tree when the concern was not resolved the first time. THE BEST WAY TO GET A DEALER NOT TO FIX YOUR VEHICLE AND GET NO COOPERATION IS do any of the following
1. Throw the word lemon law around. (Please fully understand the law before you go down that road)
2. Badmouth the product infront of other customers
3. Start any sentence with "I paid XXXXX for this vehicle and"
4. say I'm calling FORD directly ( this really doesn't help you)

We want to help you, but we are not going to deal with unreasonable people. Yelling and threatning legal action just makes you look stupid, and make the situation worse. Most service advisors pay is directly related to customer satisfation scores. Example: if all there customer questionaires were completly satified for the month they get 4% of parts and labor sales. If they get 1 bad score they may get knocked down to 2%. Now some dealers are comming up with tech incentive packages linked to the "Fix it right the first time" score.

Some dealers seem better at figuring out problems and seem to have better knowledge. Every dealer has access to the same information. I just depends on how well the dealer treats the workers. A happy Tech is one that will take time to read the daily technical messages and do technical training updates(there is usually no compensation to the Tech for this). I did it because I wanted happy customers. Happy customer make me more $$$.

Just a word on service advisors. They are usuall not technical people. They don't have to be, but should be(from a certification standpoint). The majority of the Time they will just repeat what I told them. If you ask them a question they do one of three things.
1. Remember what I told them last time for the same question
2. Put you on hold and ask the closet Tech to them (may be a lube tech)
3. Make something up that sounds good.
I've seen several dealer said comments on here that i know came right from service advisor fairytail land.

If you want the real answers ask to comeback and talk to the tech working on your truck. Personally I don't mind showing you what I found and answering questions. But please leave your Printed TSB's from the forums and alldata at home. I Have access to them as well. I start every job by running OASIS with the correct symtom codes. This will pull any applicable TSB's and SSM's. Again some may not do that. You may want to head to another dealer.

What bothers me sometimes is the Phrase Stealership. Lets do a for Example that has happened maytimes to me. Customer goes to Tuffy or Firestone etc.. for check engine light. Gets both O2 sensors replaced MAF sensor, coil pack, plugs and Egr valve replaced. The Car ends up at the dealer because the aftermarket shop can't program the PCM they want to replace. I look at the car and the real problem is the mechanical fuel pressure regulator is stuck and the fuel pressure is 100 psi. After market labor rate 79.95 per hour, dealer rate 89.95 and hour. Look at all the unnessary parts and labor, now were is the deal. Good Scan tools and Knowlede on how to use them are not cheap. Aftermarket repair shops seldom make the investment for a dedicated Make scan tool , service publications or training. The generic scan tools suck by comparision. But it also goes the other way if the dealer has the bleed the customer dry on the first visit attitude. If the Dealer service lot looks empty that should be your first sign to run away. GOOD TECHS WILL NOT STAY WERE THERE IS NO WORK/MONEY.

I take pride in my work. I hate it when I hear a customer is not happy because thats possablly lost business after warranty expires. Contrary to opinions on this site We do not go out of our way to not fix your vehicle. Some Technichians have the wrong attitude but they are most likley not makeing good money because of it.