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Thread: Coolant Reservoir Cracked help!

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    Coolant Reservoir Cracked help!

    hey guys my coolant reservoir tank just cracked and leaked out all the coolant and ive called 3 different dealerships and they all say different things... 2 of em say its covered under warranty but one of those 2 said that theres a 100 dollar deductible and the other said that for the 07 and up there is no deductible. and the one of them said that its not covered at all... can u guys give me an input on this please

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    It is covered under the 3yr/36k warranty with no deductible. It may be covered under an ESP, if you have one. I don't believe it is covered under the Powerstroke warranty, unless it was caused by some covered failure like head gaskets or EGR cooler failure. Which is very likely, but if it just cracked without an underlying issue, I don't think it is covered. The $100 deductible would apply if it was covered under the Powerstroke warranty. An ESP usually has a deductible, but that is negotiated when you bought the warranty.

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