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Thread: Headlight switch illumination

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    Headlight switch illumination

    hello group,
    Last night, I noticed that my headlight switch is no longer illuminated at night when the lights are on. I am assuming burnt out light bulb or LED. Anyone dealt with this before? Can the bulb be replaced? and how hard to DIY?

    Thanks in advance, Chardagha

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    Hey, I had to replace this bulb when I swapped my dash over to LED's.

    You have to completely dissassemble the switch (It involves breaking off the plastic solder points behind the front black cover - there should be four of them).

    Get the board out of the switch housing (it just pulls right out) and you will notice that the bulb is actually soldered directly onto the board. The original one on my truck looked just like a 5mm LED but its not - just a regular filament bulb. Simply heat up the terminals to loosen the solder and you should be able to pull it out of the board. Replace with similar bulb or go LED (both found at radioshack or ebay). If you go LED don't forget to include an appropriate resistor inline on the positive side or else itll just blow up on ya. Then, put it all back together and just super glue / epoxy / whatever the front back onto the housing. Done...

    My old phone was destroyed a couple months ago and it had the pics from that mod on it so I don't have any available. If you need further clarification just let me know and I'll take a few new pics for ya later today. Keep in mind mine is an early 99 so there are some differences in the way the switch is designed... I think they changed it in 2000...
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    Mine was out for a while. Then I took out the switch, dropped it, reinstalled it and it worked again.

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