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Thread: my new 2011 F350 CC 4x4 dually

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    my new 2011 F350 CC 4x4 dually

    thanks to bobby at Sunrise ford for the awesome deal!!

    I decided to step up to a dually after pulling my 5th wheel over the scales to find my 04 F250 2000lbs over wieght! So far this truck is very impressive! we have just over 1300 mi on it, more than half of them towing miles.

    we towed our 4runner up to big bear (approx 5,000lbs) and averaged 15mpg
    we towed our 22' pontoon out to laughlin with 3 standup jetskis on the pontoon and averaged 15mpg.
    my wife drove it on the highway unloaded w/some traffic and got 18.8mpg!

    It regenerated this morning for the first time. I had 14.8mgp on the meter. I noticed nothing different, beside the info center flashing a "cleaning exhaust filter" notice, it was only up for approx 5 sec. it did not lack any power or run any different and when i got to work my average was 15mpg... all city driving to and from work.

    I have yet to tow the 5th wheel with it. just waiting on desert season to come :peace:

    last time i ran the 5th wheel over the scales it was 12,000lbs with a full tank of water and two dirt bikes... I wonder what it will weigh with the 4runner in it? :D

    and just incase anyone out there was crunching numbers with GVWR and GCWR to LEAGALLY tow down the highway...

    my truck weighs in at 8500 on the dot with a full tank, no one inside, and no hitch.
    GVWR is 13,000
    GCWR is 29,000

    my truck is running the 3.73's :peace:

    photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpgphoto 3.jpg

    photo 4.jpg

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    Ya, Bobby is the greatest. Your truck looks identical to the one I bought from Bobby. We love that color. ----Good luck and you are going to just love it the more you drive it.
    2011 F-350 Lariat 4X4 Crew Cab Dually Bought From Bobby Williams ---- 6.7 PSD, 3:73 Rear Gears.----The Best Truck Ever.
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