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Thread: No experience in sand

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    No experience in sand

    I have a '06 350 SRW with stock Goodyear Wrangler AT/S LT275 65R20. I'm thinking of driving to Baja, Cabo area. I fish a beach where my car has been keyed and if I drive my truck further down the beach from this parking lot, it'll be OK.

    Anyone tell me what psi I might use in the sand? A 150 is the largest truck I've seen on the beach.

    Any problem driving 2-3 miles of asphalt and dirt getting home with a low psi in my tires? I have a portable air compressor but don't want to refill the tires every time I go fishing.

    Someone told me not to take my truck in sand because it would f*ck it up. He didn't say how.

    Should I be concerned with sand getting in some where requiring preventive maintenance?

    Thanks all!
    '06 F350 LARIAT PSD CC 4x4 SRW stock

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    I would say a good place to start would be around 15psi. You need to get to tires real soft. I run mine around 10-15psi and have never for stuck. I driven my truck many miles through the dunes with no problem.
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    Two to three miles isnt bad but they are going to get hotter and wear faster. If you are not going to be driving a lot in the sand and you are just driving it normal and not digging ruts, you shouldnt need to go down much if at all (I have drivin mine on quite a few beaches and in extremely soft sand and didnt let any air out!). Now if you are going to be goffing around and having fun or going to the dunes then like superDF350 said.... run them down to 15 or around there. I say start high and work your way down. You can always let air out!

    Dont worry about getting sand in places... It will all come off rattling down the road. The brakes are the only place that really caused me any worries and it fell out fast. Thats just my 2 cents.
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    Be real careful because of the 20" wheels, I would not air down past 20psi with the 20's. Put it in 4x4 before you hit the sand. These trucks will do anything in the sand just be careful with those big wheels. Running on the street for a short distance with low air pressure is not a problem just keep the speed down and watch the sharp turns.
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    its ok we do it quit a bit over here in the valley you will be ok just air down but put it in 4hi not 4 low and dont be to hard on the skinny pedal but hard enough to get you thru where your going

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    I would also recommend never hitting your brakes to come to a complete stop in the sand. I have seen trucks do this and get stuck when trying to start again. Just roll to a stop. Also, momentum is your friend.

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    Hey, thanks guys. I got that I need to air down and I can work with that. I'm looking for a compromise that'll get me back home without having to air up.

    That's about 2 miles of asphalt and another mile of dirt road.

    Any ideas on how low I can go on air and still be OK on the road?
    '06 F350 LARIAT PSD CC 4x4 SRW stock

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    I would say no lower than 20-25 depending on your speed and driving style. How big are the rocks/hazards on the dirt road?

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    As long as you're not carrying a heavy load, aren't traveling fast, and don't take any turns too fast, you should be able to go down to about 10-15psi. Treadwear at that pressure will be poor, but for the short amount of driving you're going to do, it shouldn't be a problem.
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    Start by airing down to half of your normal pressure. (40 psi probably) You can run all over the loose stuff at 40 psi. Go more if you need it, but I bet you won't. 40 psi is cool on the street too, if your not going too far. Hope this helps.

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    No real hazards on my dirt road -- mostly loose dirt/sand and washboard middle. Couple topes.

    The asphalt will be 4-lane when I return so I can drive the couple miles in the slow lane.

    THANKS ALL for your input. I'm really looking forward to the fun!
    '06 F350 LARIAT PSD CC 4x4 SRW stock

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