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Thread: My bronco solid axle and diesel swap

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    aight just ran the infamous john bull trail in big bear this weekend
    So casualty report

    Bent drivers side track bar
    Bent drivers side slider (minor)
    Bent passenger slider Pretty good but im not going to change it
    Bent steering arm (cant turn right all the way)
    I lost 1 light off the rack..... I just happened to fing it on the rack though lol
    Broke the drivers side mirror

    So thats it.. twas fun

    YouTube- Dieselboy on John Bull Trail
    YouTube - john bull gate keeper in diesel bronco
    more to come

    And final..... why i chose exo cage
    97 F-250hd d60 swap w/e-locker, shortened wheelbase, 37"s on double beadlocks, oba, 12k winch
    1980 300sd Hy35, 3.5"exh, intercooled, Alda removed, pump turned up, 12" front brakes, lowered, bilstiens
    2010 fe180 Mitsubishi fuso work truck, 3500lb crane, air comp, bobcat 250 welder, oil tanks

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    John Bull is always fun!
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    2005 Excursion Eddie Bauer 4x4, 6.0, all stock

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    Is the Bronco smog exempt now? What hoops did the DMV put you through?

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