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Thread: Gear change....... Recommendations???

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    Gear change....... Recommendations???

    Hey SoCaps, hope im not tapping into ur beer time... Im wanting to do a gear change in my 97 2wd psd. Im no where close to my truck right now so bare with me on the info plz. Im running my stock wheels, around 67 mph at 2100 - 2200 rpm. I dont tow alot anymore and i travel 1500 miles up and back the I-10 with some load on the truck and an occasional 5000 lbs worth of a trailer. 1500 mi there with a slight load and 1500 mi back home empty. I dont want to do a drastic change because i like the power on it now just not my top end. I would like to cruise at atleast 70 - 72mph.. am i asking too much?
    Would a gear change be wise?? I believe my truck has 4.10?????
    Any suggestions on a new gear swap?
    Price on used or new set or maybe someone wanting to swap??

    Ok i will stop running my mouth now... thanks for any info given, it will be put to good use.

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    I think a 3.55 could be done. I run a gear vendor with 4.10 but that's a bit pricey. Any good diesel truck salvage places near you? I remember pick-a-part down by Peck rd. park. Is your truck an auto or manual?
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    Ftreefitty............... yeah there a few pick a part in the area and the one off peck rd would be a good place to start.. My truck is an auto, hopefully soon to be manual, is there a difference in the rear end?? How bout a f250 gasser? I seen a few gassers and noted the suspension looking alot like mine, that was ofcourse way before i thought of swapping gears tho. What do u think 3.55 would put me at as far as rpm/mph? as opposed to 3.73?? thnx for ur help bro.

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    With the 4r100 and 3.55 gears and 32 inch tires @ 2250 RPM you would be at 85 MPH. 1750 wouldbe 66 MPH.

    Check out http://www.grimmjeeper.com/gears.html for the gear caculator. There are millions of sites out there but thisone has all the transmission gear ratios.

    Lot of Fun!!!
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