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Thread: Big Thank You to Bobby Williams at Sunrise

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    Big Thank You to Bobby Williams at Sunrise

    This is a big shout out, "THANK YOU" to Bobby Williams at Sunrise Ford.
    We needed to add another vehicle to one of our companies and Bobby came through for us with flying colors. We ended up getting a 2010 Expedition EL limited with just about everything loaded into it except for the AMP steps.

    Frankly it did not dawn on me to call Bobby, until after we went to a couple of local dealers. One of the criteria for this vehicle is that it had to be a new 2009/2010. What threw the monkey wrench into finding what we wanted was that it needed to be a 4x4. The couple that we found in SoCal the dealers would not budge on pricing, even in this crappy economy. (I guess they like sitting on inventory)

    Anyways, out of the blue I remembered Bobby so I gave him a call. He worked out a deal with a custom order that frankly no one could touch. Bobby kept us in the loop the entire time during the order and manufacturing process. Ford would give him an update he forwarded that too us.

    Not only was the deal simple, and frankly I would post the deal but I don’t know how much detail Bobby wants me to disclose, ie let’s just say the price was great, the trade in we got was more then I expected, the extras I can’t mention and the service was second to none.

    He spent a good hour or so going over just the Ford/Microsoft Sync system. (Wow, can this system do a lot.) Even going to the extend of synching his own Bluetooth phone to demonstrate the functions it had. (We are old school Nextel and don’t have Bluetooth phones in our company, yet!!!)

    The voice recognize on this unit is second to none.

    It was a fun couple of hours B.S' ing about the club, Ford and the new 2011 diesels. Because of his exceptional customer service when the 2011 trucks become available for custom order all be one of the first in line this spring.

    Anyways, thanks Bobby for everything, and for the rest of you if your buying a Ford don’t waste your time shopping. Just call Bobby and do it by phone and the internet. By far the easiest car I ever purchased in my life.
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    That is why Bobby is the best around!
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    What he said. Bobby is great at taking care of customers.
    Received from Bobby @ Sunrise
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