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Thread: Altenator not charging

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    Angry Altenator not charging

    I just recently found out (the hard way) if the gauge bezel doesn’t have power, the alternator doesn’t charge. I was headed out of town with my 32’ toyhauler when my gauges quit working. I wasn’t too concerned as long as I took my time and followed my brother in-law I should be fine right? Well I couldn’t be more wrong. About an hour into my trip, I noticed my head lights went dim. Next, the radio shut off. This couldn’t be good. I was looking for a place to pull off and I mean fast. The truck died and I barely had enough room on the shoulder to get off the highway. Once I returned home, I started trouble shooting my alternator problem. No voltage out, it must be a bad alternator. Let me tell you that is a $250 mistake. After replacing it and still no voltage out, I started googling ALL my symptoms. Come to find out, the circuit to tell the alternator to charge comes from the idiot light in the gauge bezel. With no power to the bezel the signal to charge never went to the alternator. I found a couple of post that told me to check fuse 43, 45 and I believe 41. I found the Run/Start Feed fuse blown. I never even looked at it because stupid me said, “It starts, It runs, can’t be that.” Once I replaced the fuse, my alternator was charging like a bandit. Now what caused it to blow? Two weeks later, I was heading home from friends and going down a long grade. I pushed the tow/haul mode in order to keep my speed from running away. When I pushed the button, the gauges went dead. I felt I had a short. Sure enough, a common problem I found was the wire in the steering column that goes up to the button rubs at the base of the shifter. I removed my steering column bottom cover, ignition switch (video on YouTube), and top cover. I was then able to slide the black boot up the shifter and found my short underneath the cover. I cleaned it, taped it, and put it back together and have been problem free since. Let my lesson reach everyone so they do not endure the frustration of buying parts that are not needed.

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    Good to know,thanks....:waytogo:

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    have a link to the video on youtube?
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    Here is the link. I was really dreading removing the ignition until I watched this. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it. Very simple.

    YouTube - how too remove a ford ignition cylinder

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    Great info, thanks for posting!
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    Alternator charging then not charging 2003 6.0 Powerstroke F 550

    I recently had to be jumped because my truck would not crank. The battery light illuminated
    and left me stranded. I got it home charged the batteries which are 1 year old Centenial
    85 month 830cca and cleaned all battery posts checked wiring and clips and fuses. She started up fine and a whithin 15 minutes battery light came on engine surged and remained running. The Alternator is intermitent it charges and then it drops off. I took the Alternator out and took to autozone to have it checked, WOW was that a pain in the ass getting that back on. but it checked fine on output but was only run for 15-20 seconds at most I am wondering if the Alternator could have a bad winding and when it gets hot it drops off and does not charge till it cools down and the cycle repeats itself. My wife drives this truck and I am handicapped without a lot of dough so will have to fix it myself. so any ideas as to what you all might think it could be would be most appreciated.
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