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02-23-2007, 01:24 AM
:frown::banghead: ill start of with saying that Im an idiot and now tell my tale that is not yet over with... It all started with getting off work early because of the rain so I thought Id make the rain a 2fer kinda thing and go play in some mudd, so I went to my local construction site, which Ive offroaded in a few times before, and was having a good ole time until the truck started sliding down hill towards a fire hydrant. Well lucky for me I didn't hit the fire hydrant because a few feet in front of it was a 4 foot cement pipe lying on its side. This pipe stopped me from hiting the hydrant by wedging itself right under the yoke of the rear diff and the driveshaft. So now Im highcentered, spinning the tires, going nowhere. Then the worst thing is the truck stalled out (its an automatic by the way) and Im really hoping I didn't break my tranny or bend my driftshaft. But anyways, 3 squad cars, 4 heavy duty tow trucks and Im still stuck on this hell forsaken pipe. Left a note on the windshield for the construction crew in the morning and am gonna show up with a couple dozen krispy kreme dounuts and hope that they can get one of their cats or other machinery to help me off their pipe and then hopefully decide not to charge me with any crimes:( Ill post some updates later tomorrow(or today is more correct), maybe I might be able to snap a few pics too

02-23-2007, 04:28 AM
Holy cow....talk about bad luck..! Maybe take a couple pics!! Hope everything works out for you!

02-23-2007, 05:18 PM
alright so my baby is now free from the construction site thanks to a couple good chains, a giant earth excavator, 2 dozen dounuts, and a reasonably friendly construction crew. i wish i coulda taken some pics but i was too busy shoveling all the mud off the street from the 4 tow trucks that failed to help so that the construction site wouldnt get fined any $$$ and hopefully help them decide not to charge me with trespassing(crossing my fingers, wont know until thursday). in the end it took a whole 5 minutes for 1 guy:bow: to lift the rear end nearly 6 feet off the ground and drag her the 200 yards back to the pavement. lesson learned, near future upgrades are heavyduty front and rear bumpers and a giant winch:smokin: