View Full Version : 2002 f550 Dually Differential

12-13-2003, 02:50 AM
The truck has been back to dealer 3 different times for the same problem, but has yet to be resolved. It seems that the way they have been handling it, is removing shims to free up the rear end. They now say the rearend needs to be "rebuilt". Replacing the rear end is not an option. Customer service from Ford has been shabby at best.
Does anyone know if this a common problem or if there is a TSB out?
Has anyone had simmilar experiences with Ford service and have suggestions to resolve? They state the rebuild would be done by a third party, and downtime could be lenghty.
He has been a loyal Ford customer, but the frustration is mounting, but is seriously thinking about getting away from this truck and getting into a Duramax.
Any thoughts,comments, or ideas on the repair or dealing with Ford would be appreciated.

12-13-2003, 09:01 AM
Sounds like your dealership screwed around with your backlash setting in your rear diff and its still noisy? The shimming didn't help and now I think they are farming out the job because they don't have a real experienced drivetrain guy. try a bigger dealership somewhere else.

Noisy gears usually need to be replaced once the break-in hardening has set in. They are beating around the bush 'cause they don't want to eat a ring and pinion and possibly a couple of bearings.

If you went to a known good gear and drivetrain specalist, It could be done in one day once the parts were in stock.