View Full Version : Water pump leaking...help

06-12-2006, 12:42 PM
Anyone replace a water pump on a 7.3? Came out side to find a pool of coolant under my truck? How hard is the job and are any special tools needed? I am in Oklahoma for school, and am limited to what I can scrounge up around here...any help would be greatly appreciated

06-12-2006, 06:19 PM
pretty easy job. 3 out of 10

need the fan clutch wrench like $30 at napa, its a 1/4" thick flat bar that gets between the pump and clutch to get it off.

need a strap wrench to hold onto the pully while taking the clutch on and off.

then other than that just need wrenches and sockets and a razor blade to get the gasket goo off.

you might need some RTV for the thermostat housing.

ive started by draining the coolant.

pull off the serpentine belt

take off the fan shroud

take off the fan clutch

remove hoses going to pump,

remove pump

just gotta clean up the mating surfaces where the new pump is going on and new pump goes on and everything above in reverse.

the place you may need the rtv is the tstat housing sometimes it wont seal up well, you can help avoid this by getting a new tstat housing or the one from diesel site that is billet alumunum that seals up real well without rtv.