View Full Version : 7.3L IDI big HP ??

04-07-2006, 11:57 AM
Just picked up a 93 f350 single wheel truck. 7.3L IDI in it 150K on the truck. I bought it with a sled pull truck in mide. I am going to yank the motor out and put a new set of pistons & rods in. I am thinking 18-1 comp. I talked to the guys at dps-performance they can hitch me up with the rods and pistons. Head studs will go in also. I plan on getting all the things I need and then I will pull the motor to build it. I am shooting for 400-450 HP. the stock IP may work not sure yet. I want to be able to run 40+ PSI of boost. I will need a good clutch to. I'm thinking DD.

I was wondering what would happen if i installed powerstroke rods and pistons from a 95-99 would that drop comp below 16-1, I was wondering how much the hole in the top of the psd pistons would mess up the combustion????

Godzilla Jr
04-07-2006, 12:55 PM
Ken's the guy to talk to if you want high ##'s out of an IDI.
First question - How much money you got?
Second question - How much money you want to spend on the truck?

One problem you face is that your wotking on a 15 year old obsolete engine. Getting parts (new heads) may be tough! I think the biggest problem would be keeping the heads on and the pre-combustion cups together. Next problem will be keeping it cool enough to make the power. It can be done but it will take $$$$$$$ !

04-07-2006, 03:36 PM
At what HP or maybe boost #'s do you run into head trouble?? I have the $$ to work with just not sure how much I want to spend and how far i want to go. I want lower comp 18-1 and be able to run at least 30 PSI of boost would like 40 PSI and close to 400RWHP. Can the stock heads take this? I will use head studs.