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03-08-2006, 02:48 PM
Hey everyone, I was cleaning my PG7 filter this past weekend and since I am getting ready to do the CCV mod, I decided to look into the intercooler boot to see how bad it was.
Well, my stock turbo wheel is in need of replacement. :eek: That being said, anyone know where I can get a stock wheel for my 02, 7.3?
I am not sure I want to go w/ a WW, but I may end up having to. Those of you with the ATS and WW are you experiencing lower egt's? Faster spool up? :confused: I need a reason to make myself feel better about buying it. From what I understand, the stock wheel moves more air than the WW w/ the ATS housing....
Also I while I have it apart, I am going to replace the 4 intercooler boots with some from dieselsite.com. Should I replace the other two as well?