View Full Version : New PCM Flash(es) - Bobby?

10-22-2010, 09:05 AM
I see this all the time on different sites and the same thing always seems to get asked with no definitive answer. People have thoughts or opinions on what they have noticed but no one ever knows for sure.

So, Bobby, I'm wondering if maybe you can shed some light on it or maybe chime in with what you can tell us regarding the latest flashes that have been introduced on the 6.4L trucks. I know you probably can't tell us everything, but maybe you can give us something.

For instance, I've heard the most recent flashes reduce regens, increase mileage, disable Cleaning Filter message, and various other things that we haven't heard of. It would really be nice to get a changelog like what they offer for software, but even some hi-lites of what you can tell us or what we can expect would be nice. Right now,it just appears to be a guessing game.